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Its gardening season and with the pandemic going on more people than ever are gardening which is great on so many levels. One of the more popular crops are peas whether you use them fresh or freeze them for over the winter they are a staple vegetable for most households.

One of the great things about peas is that you can get a lot of production out of a small area, something that not everyone may know is that you are not bound to a single planting meaning that with peas you can plant and replant throughout the growing season for a continuous crop.

Plant your first rows and then every week replant in the same space this will ensure successive crops as one planting enviably finishes its life cycle the next is just beginning to produce its crop of fresh peas. When you plant this way you maximize your production in the same space. Intensive gardening getting the most possible out of the least space.

One of the downside of planting peas especially when your replanting weekly is having to bend down or crawl to do the actual planting that’s where this quick tip comes in its fast, simple and extremely effective.

Materials required:
– Short length of PVC pipe 1/2″ or 3/4″ (approx 44″ long”
– short piece 5/8″ dowel (4.5″ long)
-Hot glue gun
-Box cutter / Exacto knife
-2 heavy duty zip ties (white looks best)

KB Eazy peazy pea planter

This tool is as simple as it is effective, you take the length of pvc pipe I used 3″4″ as thats what I had left over from the drip irrigation system install I did earlier this spring but you can use 1/2″ as well

First take the short piece of dowel and cut it to size if you have not already 4.5″ is all you really need, peas are usually planted in about a 1 inch hole so the length of dowel extending past the end of the PVC needs to be 1 inch 1 1/4 inch at most. cut two notches into the dowel on the same side about 2 inch apart.

notched dowel 4.5" long

position the Dowel onto the end of the PVC pipe so it extends 1″ to 1 1/4″ past the end of the PVC. attach it to the PVC pipe with the heavy duty zip ties. I positioned them with the buckle on the opposite side of the dowel so the zip ties would seat better into the notches I cut and give it a slightly cleaner look. Trim off the excess zip tie, I run a lighter over the cut ends to both melt off any sharp edges as well as mushrooming the ends so they wont release.

Now take your hot glue gun and run a bead along both long edges where the dowel meets the PVC pipe, as well as where the zip ties touch the dowel and PVC, just to make it a little more secure. you can make it pretty if you like but its not necessary as your going to jam it into the dirt so…..

hot glue in place

let it harden and clean any blobs or stringers of hot glue with an box cutter (I said not pretty Im not a savage 😛 )

finished eazy pea planter

Place the tool in the spot where you want to plant the pea, push down until the edge of the pvc pipe touches the top of the soil the dowel is in the soil. then pull the tool up and slide it straight back until the edge of the pvc is over the hole.

push the dowel into the soil

push down

line up the pipe over the hole

Drop the pea into the top of the pipe, where it will fall into the hole you just made.

Drop in the pea from the top

It may take a few tries to get it right but even if you miss if the soil is soft enough just use the dowel to push it into either the hole you just made or where it sits, so you do not need to bend over to reposition it.

The pea falls into the hole, it may take a few tries to get it right

Drag the dowel back over he hole filling it in and covering the pea viola you are done. Eazy Peazy

drag the dowel over the hole to fill in in

Using this tool you can put a pack of peas into the ground in a few minutes without getting your hands or knees dirty or straining your back.
the depth is perfect every time and you can plant and replant through the already growing plants as well.

This simple little life hack can save a lot of wear and tare on both your back and knees and let you spend it on other pursuits, I hope you found this useful. if you did please leave a comment and let me know.

happy planting


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