Grow Tents

Ok I have to admit that when I first saw these things well over 16 years ago popping up on the Indoor gardening trade show circuits I was really not overly impressed they were complicated lacking features and really really expensive compared to a roll of black and white plastic

Mellonfarm tent
Mellon farm 76 inch tall two room indoor grow tent

Fast forward a decade and Im seriously impressed they have come a long long long way they are easy to set up have multiple ports for all the gear one needs or even may need the materials are superb and best of all you do not have to spend a ton of cash to buy a decent one in fact some I’ve seen are the cheapest out there and the quality is great.

something I found most telling is how they they react when venting, once set up and a fan installed to force air into the tent they actually inflate and you can see the pressure difference the walls puff out they become firm like a basketball and that speaks volumes to how they will deal with other issues like odor.

This tells me there is a great deal of isolation between inside and outside air its not breathing so as to leak out a lot of stink, humidity, light etc. if this was not happening and the air blowing in was not affecting the side walls it would mean there’s a lot of gaps or the walls are porous enough to allow air to pass easily through. the materials being used are of sufficient quality that they keep the air exchange to a minimum and the ports provided are more than enough to allow you to put any air exchange where you want it.

gro tent ventilation ports

Most even go so far as to provide the correct placement allowing an indoor gardener to use air cooled shades, something that a decade ago were available but very expensive and cost a lot of lumens to make use of driving the light through the glass, but now with the advent of the LED and digital lighting its actually a viable option.

Grow tent size chart

They come in sizes from 12″ x 12″ up to full room size seriously full 8ft by 12ft x 9ft tall and most every conceivable size in between from a small apartment closet to a stand alone bedroom unit. and varying heights one only need to spend a little more time on google looking

In my experience the tents are on point with the advertised dimensions if it says 79 inches tall its 70 inches not an inch less or more to take that into account when ordering. Your not going to unpack it and have an inch grace if your room is 78 inches tall unless you want to cut an inch out of your ceiling its not going to fit. so be accurate in your dimensions before ordering.

You may want to consider before purchasing what kind of system you plan on running, if its simply a soilless setup then having the tent directly on the ground is not an issue but if you plan to run a hydroponic or aeroponic system well that’s a little different.

Now yes you can run the tent right on the ground for hydroponic or aeroponic systems without any issues it may be better to get a slightly shorter tent so you can elevate it in order to have a gravity powered return of the nutrient solution to your revivor.

running with a shorter tent does not change the max height of your plants because whether you raise them inside or outside the tent it is the same. but putting your tent on your shelf and run the lines into it from underneath you save floor space, you reduce the heat in your reservoir which cuts the chances of a root rot situation, and makes it easier to clean the reservoir

Pro-Tip: when building the manifold for your reservoir build in two valves one between the pump and plants and another on a tee in between the valve and the pump this allows you to shut off the water to the plants turn the other valve and drain the reservoir for your weekly flush regiment. just remember to turn things back on and off before walking away.

Tried and true

The only downside to this is if you ever plan to switch to regular soilless and do not need to raise the plants for gravity return to the nutrient res, then you would not be able to grow plants as tall as your space allows. This is though not a big deal as you can either grow shorter plants or sell the old tent and purchase a new one, one almost assuredly with the latest tech and features, so…..

Gorilla tent

Chances are better than good they will find something within an inch or two of their specific needs (amazon does not carry them all so do not limit your search to their inventory)

The internal frame is capable of holding most of the gear required and if one is carful in their purchasing they can get a sturdy model, I would advise against the ones that use plastic clips on the ends f the metal rods that hook on the frame that seems like a weak link in an otherwise very sturdy chain and why risk it for the .50cents saving you get by going plastic. the all metal c-clip modules are much sturdier the same is true with the corner pieces, you will find some with metal parts and others with plastic I would stick with metal as that’s the keystone to the the whole frame and the place you least want plastic especially in uv intensive areas like a garden

plastic parts are a no no

Most come complete with a reflective and water resistant liner pan made from the same material as the side walls but designed to keep water leakage outside to a minimum, it also acts like a insulator helping keep your roots from getting too cold if your on cement in a basement or something similar.

Light leakage? what light leakage the tents I’ve seen have next to zero light leaking through at all and even through the ports for ventilation there may be a view pin prick leaks around some stitching certainly not enough to cause any worry at all, stars in the sky emit more light than those pinholes.

If you purchase the model with a separate veg and flower chamber you should know that there are enough ports to allow air exchange so you can duct from the flower to the veg and then vent the veg out of the tent thus utilizing one fan for two rooms just be sure to have the thermostat in the space most likely to get hot first having the fan come on more often and vent a room thats not yet hot than to have there fan off while the other room is like an oven.

the ports are not in the wall between rooms gut on the outer shell of the tent so small sections of ducting will be necessary and you will want to put snake the duct to avoid any light bleeding through

misc access ports

Not only is there ports for air movement but there’s also ports at the bottom for all manner of other equipment making them very versatile and opens the ability to run aeroponics, hydroponic and of course soilless systems.

These things would even be great for non horticulture endeavors from a sealed closet for clothes to a darkroom to develop film really cool

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