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Air conditioners are a valid solution for removing heat for many people with indoor gardens.   But with anything you need to know if it’s right for you and your application.  Not all Air conditioners do the same thing, and there are a few different types and quite a few different names for these. The first thing you need to discern is how much heat load are you going to produce, this will tell you what size and model of air conditioner you will need. 

 A normal 1000watt light bulb produces on average 3200 BTU  of heat load. So a room with one 1000 watt HPS or MH will require an Air conditioner rated to AT LEAST 3200BTU  A Room with 8 1000Watt HPS or MH will be producing 25600BTU on average so you will need an AC Unit capable of handling that Heat load.

 Wait there is more if the ballasts are in the room they too produce heat and if you are running or going to run a “C02 burner” to increase C02 levels in the garden space.  You will need to add that to your formula. I believe it is always better to go a size bigger than you expect to use at the moment of purchase, this will allow you to upsize your room at a later date.

 Most good Air conditioners have a BTU rating on them, but this can be deceiving as not all air conditioners are created equal by any means. There are huge difference between them whether it be an in window model from Canadian tire or wall mart, or a multi fan “swamp cooler” model similar to that from a refer truck, to stand up single fan water cooled model.

 Myself I prefer the “Thermoplus” brand as I have seen there effectiveness and find them to be quite durable if run properly, They also help remove excess humidity from the air which is a definite bonus as it can help reduce the risk of powdery mildew.

 Power Consumption:  and average Thermo plus A/C unit rated at 24000BTU will use just over 1000watts of power, for the service these machines provide it’s worth it. There are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing this type of A/C, as they use cold water to remove the heat from the room and produce hot water in the process you need to understand what this means.

 If you are on a well or septic system or are fed by a creek with a reservoir, it is probably not a good idea to consider an A/C or swamp cooler.  Because they use a large quantity of water to work effectively you can drain your well, reservoir, or harm your septic system by killing the action and over filling the tank. In order for your septic system to work it takes time for the material to be broken down by enzymatic action, now if the water is coming in to fast then the solid waste does not have enough time to break down and overflows into the drainage system and blocks up the whole system.  DON’T DO THIS

There are other options for using A/C units for those on wells and septic systems Email me and I can explain them to you.

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