A lot of people seem to have a great deal of trouble cloning a plant. 

Cloning is very simple if you keep it to the basics.

  1. Prepare a container of straight water( no chlorine) , sharp pair of scissors, cloning gel or powder (personal preference), Mother plant, empty film container,  and the medium you wish to start your clones in click here for a list .  
  2. Select the portions of the mother you wish to clone, these portions should not be overly large but should have at least three nodes( the part of the plant that leaves emerge from)  
  3. Take your Clean sharp scissors and cut the selected portion of the plant off about a 1/4 inch below the node, place into the container of water, repeat as necessary. 
  4. After you have all the potential clones you want in the container of water, and your medium properly prepared take a small amount of the cloning gel or powder and put it into the film canister you never want to dip new clones into the original bottle this will contaminate the entire bottle and future clones might not root do to fungus etc now its time to clone. 
  5. take the potential clone out of the container of water, clip all the excess leaves off only leaving a couple of SMALL ones at the top.  Why?  the more leaves and the bigger the clone the more chance there is that the plant will transpire all of its moisture out (sweat). 
  6. Now take another small clip off the bottom of the potential clone about an 1/8 of an inch or less, now dip the node of the potential clone into the  small portion of the cloning gel or powder give it a flick to knock off the excess (MORE IS NOT BETTER, EVER!!!) and put it into the medium of choice. 
  7. Now you have clones, well almost  take the medium you have chosen and put them into a prop flat.  Roots develop fastest at about 80 degrees so you want a warm humid place to start them, some people use domes to cover the new clones but its not necessary.  Take the new clones and put them under a table in a warm area like in your growing area (Not under direct light) leave them there for two days. After two days the clones should be ready to come out under regular lights, however the lights should be quite a bit higher than normal.  Now watch the clones and at the first sign of wilting raise the lights  and sometimes a light mist wont hurt.  
  8. If you want you can use domes and fluorescent tubes follow the above directions put the new clones into a darker area for two days and then put then under the fluorescent tubes.  These tubes must be about 1/2 an inch above the dome and the lights have to be no older than 2 months.  Some people use the fancy full spectrum bulbs at about $14-$30  that’s fine but they still only last about 2 months,  a regular $4.00 shop fluorescent lasts a month for cloning and then is still great for your house or shop. 
  9. Now just keep them warm and humid and wait,  you should see roots after about 5-7 days. 

* Make sure not to over water your clones keep them damp but not wet,  if the medium is too wet the roots will drown and rot before they ever emerge. Not to mention that if the medium is too wet you run a very good chance of getting the damping on fungus. 

Aeroponic Cloning:

    Aeroponic cloning is very easy and very effective, and can be quicker than other methods.  First you will need to build or purchase a simple aeroponic system  I have found that using two inch net baskets and 2″ neoprene inserts to be very effective.  

The neoprene insert holds the stem of the clone with the nodes that are covered in the rooting compound in the cloning chamber itself, where the aeroponic mist can hit the stem.  

The pump is then put on a timer that comes on 1 minute on and 10 minutes off (if using a magnetic drive pump it can be left on 24-7) but the timed misting is far superior.  I have seen aeroponic cloning produce roots in under 5 days but this will vary depending on the plant and its genetics.

*A very good book that covers cloning and many other indoor gardening techniques is called “Super Charge Your Garden” ask for it at your local Hydroponic retailer.Organic Tip There are very few organic cloning solutions, gels, powders. There is one method that works well, The White Willow tree is one of the fastest rooting plants on the planet so…  by taking a few fresh twigs or branches and soaking them in water for a few days and then using this solution on your clones will act much like a rooting compound.       

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