Fulvic Acid

  Fulvic acids are  naturally occurring organic acids that are part of the structure of rich soil.  Fulvic acids also have a low molecular weight making them very easy for living tissue to take in. Fulvic acid usually carries 70 or more minerals and trace elements as part of its . These are then in ideal to be absorbed by plant roots and interact with living cells.  Fulvic acid is an idea additive to indoor gardening as it helps plants assimilate nutrients better,  it also is extremely useful for uptake of potassium silicate do to its natural chelating properties.   

Glandular trichomes on butterwort


Today you find fulvic acid everywhere in the horticultural industry its in too many products to count and its easy to see if you know want to look for. Any product that makes claims to increase glandulers trichomes make our plants frostier more resin and so on that’s Fluvic acid and you WILL pay out the butt for it. The very same product that you can get a lifetime supply in a garden center for $7

Fulvic acid

People who grow weed are well acquainted with Fulvic though though again they probably don’t even know its there.

Vulvic acid products (photo property of hydrobuilder.com)

By far the most dramatic results of Fulvic Acid is when it is used as a foliar spray,  When sprayed it significantly increases leaf surface trichomes plants like basil, mint, salvia divinorum and any other plant prized for these properties.  Glandular Trichomes are prized on many plants for aroma and in a lot of plants the most potent part.

Fulvic acid has a cousin called Humic acid which is every bit as effective and valuable as fulvic but tends to work mostly on a different portion of the plant Fulvic adds frosting while Humic builds massive root structures.

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