Introduction to Hydroponics           It is a common misconception that hydroponics is used strictly for the growing of Marijuana and other illegal activities. This is totally false, in today’s ever changing world many people are becoming more and more concerned about what they put into there bodies.  It is no secret that allot of today’s mass produced food is not grown in the best of conditions and it shows in how we feel on a whole, one of my favorite organic chemistry sayings is ” Garbage in Garbage Out”  basically this means that if you put crap into your body you feel crappy.  On another level it is becoming more and more difficult for most people to find enough space to put in a garden. Do to either space constrictions or lack of suitable environment lack of sufficient sunlight etc. It is for these reasons that I think Hydroponics are one option for the average Joe to get into indoor gardening.   With a small investment and a basic understanding everyone can grow a deceit supplemental indoor garden.  Some of the perks of doing this are, you know exactly what is going into and on your food, you can cut your grocery costs down, it makes a great hobby, stress reduction, reduction of the “S.A.D.S” (Seasonal Affective Disorder).                                                                                      

FAQ:I’ve heard on the news that indoor gardening will destroy my home and cause toxic mold to build up.A:  This is more of a scare tactic than anything, If the system is set up right and adequate ventilation is provided there is no danger of this happening.  In fact if the air system of the garden is running effectively the air exchange in the area will be better than any building code to date. This problem has stemmed from people that do not have an understanding of how ventilation works and for the most part do not care.  why let a few bad apples spoil the barrel. Setting up an indoor garden is expensive. AA:   This is a valid concern but if all the variables are taken into account  it will be come less of a concern,  The cost of the initial set up will greatly depend on the size and nature of the garden.  It is possible to set up a small scale indoor garden for VERY little money and it is very easy to come across “previously enjoyed equipment”.   Now if you take into account the savings on your groceries over say a year or two, the setup costs don’t seem to add up to much at all.  think of it this way  that $2.50 pack of basil  or that $1 tomato  compounded over a year ads up to allot with an indoor garden you can grow what you need all year around  for a few dollars a month.  Running HID lights indoor is expensive and dangerous. A.  This is another concern that is not true the idea of an indoor garden has been greatly discredited by showing only the worst case scenario.  Hydroponics and HID lighting has come so far in the past even 5 years,  you can now purchase indoor gardening equipment that is every bit as safe as your TV or DVD player. The reason for this is that a few manufacturers have taken the time to have there HID equipment certified by CSA.  This means that they are built to a set of guidelines set out by a governing department, and are certified safe.  and if they are used properly are safe and effective. Running Indoor HID lighting has been reported to be expensive and this is not entirely true the expense is directly correlated to the size of the garden.  a single  400watt HID light will use as little as $10 a month  and produce much more food than the cost of running it.  Hydroponic food is chemically grown.A.   Not True in the past couple of years Hydroponic nutrients have changed greatly mostly due to public awareness,  Nutrient manufacturers have seen the need to start making more environmentally and organic plant foods that are specifically designed to be used in Hydroponic and other indoor gardening applications. It is now possible to grow completely organic foods and herbs indoors that are considerably cheaper than purchasing them in a store with the added benefits that come with gardening.  Hydroponic systems are hard to set up. A.    False a Hydroponic system is not hard to set up at all if you understand the basic principles,  it can however be a bit frustrating if you don’t know the tricks and tips, allot of which you can pick up in the Plant section of this site.  Another option is to hire an outside consultant this is a good way to go most of the time as a reputable consultant knows what he is doing and wont try to take you for a ride if you are interested in hiring one

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