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  Now this is a massive topic, so I’m going to limit it to some important points. It is no real secret that organic fertilizers are better for us and the planet, it also makes the products grown in them taste better and much healthier.  

It used to be that you had to make sacrifices in yield to grow plants indoor with organic fertilizers, this is no longer the case. In recent years people have become increasingly more aware of what they put in there bodies and this has brought forth great advances in indoor organic fertilizers.  It is now possible to grow plants indoors organically and not sacrifice yield.  This is because the indoor organic fertilizers of today are far more complete than those of even a few years ago. 

 The starting components of any fertilizer make a big difference in how it performs, lets face it the more time and energy  your plants spend digesting the food you feed them the less they grow and produce.  Using starting components that are easily assimilated by the plants will help it to grow to its fullest potential. 

The first indoor organic fertilizers ( I call first Generation ) were basically a composted tea of different organic fertilizers and these worked well but this is mainly where the idea that you had to give up yield for flavor and health.  The second generation indoor organics were better and had more of what the plant needs within them. 

By  more I mean not just the components to make up the NPK requirement of the plants.  for instance some had Humic and Fulvic acids in them which was a step in the right direction and defiantly showed.  Taking that progression to the next level some of today’s Indoor organic fertilizers are adding more of the necessary components as well as sourcing the NPK from a greater range of starting products, which work out to be more “digestible” and because of this research and combination they are far superior. 

What all of this means to the indoor gardener is that , everyone can grow happy healthy vigorous  plants that yield a bumper crop and have an outstanding flavor, not to mention be kind to the environment.  If that was not enough some of the best ones are low cost and idiot proof in there application.

 If I had to choose one Indoor Hydroponic organic fertilizer it would be Botanicare Pure Blend Pro This fertilizer can produce the yields that chemical fertilizers will and are only marginally more expensive.

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