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I always have a plethora of projects on the go in varying stats of completion at any given time for whatever reason no time, not in the budget, weather, space, etc. Ill try to post some of the more interesting ones here if you want to subscribe and check back when I complete one that interests you and make a video for it.


My projects

Honda 14hp vertical shaft engine modified into an air compressor pump

This ia a Honda 14HP vertical shaft engine, it was gifted to me by a friend who was changing it out for a newer less problematic model.
After I got into it I realized it was not salvageable there was a catastrophic failure internally. BUT it just so happened at the time I was into air compressors. While tinkering with this engine it occurred to me that with some minor adjustments and a little ingenuity I may be able to turn this engine into an Air Compressor.

A motor is essentially the same thing they both compressors air trapping it in a one way trip out to a storage space. Id recently had a run of bad luck with compressors maybe its just me but it seems at times when one tool or item goes all of the members of its family crap out too. So I had been tearing down repairing and trying to repair air compressors I noticed they are essentially the same as the little engines but one big difference is even the large compressors have tiny pistons usually in the 3 inch range and the piston in the motor was considerably bigger it also had the benefit of double the stroke and with a little modification could be adapted to push air into the tank on both what used to be the power and exhaust stroke.

I still need to get a couple parts namely a one-way check valve that’s threaded to a standard sparkplug size that could be used on the air out port there is potentially another way to do it as well but I’m going to start with this.


A digital STC-3000 temperature monitor/ controller, this is one component in a essential oil manufacturing steam distillation project. I was asked to see if I could modify a small pot still and make it stand alone electric meaning it would no longer need to be used on a hot plate or stove. This STC-3000 is a 30amp 100-220volt (smart) single probe thermometer and controller it can be set to heat or cool you can set an alarm at any desired temperature and turn on or off as required.

The probe being remote and removable allows you to remotely place the probe and utilize one off the internet that has NPT threading you go through the side wall of the pot or even further up the line loser to the coil etc. and with a high temp silicone seal attach it place so as not to leak under pressure. This will allow the herbal remedy business to really dial in the desired temperature making a finer product.

This is only one of the components s check back later if this interests you or drop me an email with your experiences thoughts questions etc.

hockey puck body lift

Poormans body lift.

these are standard hockey pucks, a gad of 12 was like $7 at the local Walmart (pre pandemic so probably $500 now) they make excellent body lifts far sturdier than a kit you buy anywhere else they are far more solid easy to set exact desired lift because each one is exactly 1 inch tall. you simply need to find the exact center of each puck and after you get a length of galvanized steel wire conduit, so as to make certain your drilling the right diameter hole (super important step)

You simple match the outside edge of the conduit with the inside cutting edge of a spade bit and if you have a drill press away you go if not make some sort of jig that will ensure your hole is perfectly straight up and down. drill one puck for every inch of lift desired timed by the number of mounts between the body and frame.
then you cut the conduit to the exact length of the stack of pucks for each mount for example 3 puck lift the conduit is cut to 3inch you then stack the pucks for each mount and drive the conduit through the hole and if needed file down any excess you want it to match the lip of the puck as exact as possible if its over it will trash the washers and maybe the mount too little not as bad but ….

now you just need carriage bolts nuts large washers and that’s it. another great thing about pucks is that they usually match almost exactly the diameter of the existing mounts on most trucks and suv’s

Undo the old ones carefully jack the body up from the frame

Careful of any lines like the clutch and brakes the steering linkage pitch
cables and so on most times you can get away with a few inches before you need a extender kit for the steering knuckle but every truck is slightly different so do your do diligence.

And that’s about it, its simple and not expensive is also not new or my original idea but I’ve used it many times and it works.

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